Fried Rice style juicy Quinoa together with Pork Shanks braised in an “Aji Limo” and Tamarind special sauce...

Boneless Short Ribs with Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Boneless short ribs
slow-cooked with mushrooms, red wine, and “Chicha de Jora” for
several hours over a
sweet potato gnocchi
in a creamy “Huancaina” sauce...

Weekly Special: “Clásico Ceviche con Torrejita de Choclo”

Classic Ceviche with “Torrejita” from the northern part of Peru,
from my homeland,
the city of friendship, Chiclayo! Just like...


Fish Chicharrón, Avocado, Spinach and Cheese combined into a sushi
roll​​. Creamy Shrimp Cocktail and...

Weekly Special: "Conchitas a la Parmesana Rellenas de Mariscos"

My favorite lunch dish, after a perfect sunny
family day in one of
those curious and
quaint restaurants...

Weekly Special: "American Red Snapper Ceviche"

This morning, our friend Peter McKay from the Keys brought us the catch of the day. Mixed it up with
fresh lime juice, ají limo and cilantro, ...

Weekly Special: “Rocoto Relleno” Lasagna

Homemade Pasta, just like my father used to make it. Robust and mature bright red “Rocotos” become a curious Bechamel
sauce and they share
their spicy secrets while...

Weekly Special: "Wild Scallops in Chicha de Jora Sauce"

Towering wild scallops marinated in “Chicha de Jora” from overnight, caramelized with yellow pepper and passion fruit honey, rest on a “Seco de Quinua”...

Weekly Special: "Fresh Tuna Lollipop"

Fresh Tuna Lollipop served with Rocoto Aioli over a spiced Nikkei Leche de Tigre.

Weekly Special: "Pork Belly"

Pork Belly over a Yellow Pepper Sweet Corn Puree.

Weekly Special: "Oysters a la “Chalaca”

Fresh Louisiana oysters with a “Chalaca” mixture with 6 different sauces (Limo pepper, “Huacatay” “Aji Amarillo” pepper, Roasted pepper and Wasabi)...

Weekly Special: “Te Veo en el Suelo”

Lobsters, crabs, mussels, shrimp, calamari, black mussels and mahi mahi, prepared with native
chips in a reduction of butter, "Chicha de Jora", and "Aji Panca"...

Weekly Special: "Rice rolls with salmon tartare..."

Passionate lust rolls wrapping a salmon tartare, ripe avocado
slices, crunchy
chicharron fish and
cream cheese...

Weekly Special: "Inca Power"

This has been the International Year of the Quinoa, and before the year ends, I chose a family recipe, which I added a modern twist...

Our Freshest Ingredients!

At Dr. Limon we’re also proud to be fully transparent about our ingredients, preparation and processes. Everything is prepared in-house, our recipes are unique...

Weekly Special: Ceviche "El Tunche"

Green Plantains are patiently roasted on the heat of the grill, while they anxiously wait to be
mashed along with garlic and crispy chicharron...

Weekly Special: Lobster stuffed Ravioli

Lobster stuffed Ravioli in a nutmeg sauce, with an “Aji Limo” seared Mahi Mahi. For a long time I wanted
to do this… Finally, I received this recipe...

Dr. Limon as Featured in Despierta America!

Alessandra Rosaldo & Eugenio Derbez had the pleasure of learning how to prepare our famous Ceviche Frito Dr. Limon style...

Weekly Special: Majadito de Yuca con Costillas de Cordero

In the spirit of Thanksgiving with us, I wanted to share a recipe from my childhood in Pimentel, “Majadito de Yuca”....

Welcome to Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar!

When it comes to authentic Peruvian food, most people think of Ceviche. We thought of just that and did not stop there. We wanted to make it a fun and enjoyable...

Weekly Special: Chanchito al Cilindro

Slowly braised and smoked pork belly, with a reduction of honey, pisco and star anise. Over a bed of arugula drizzled with a homemade apricot vinaigrette and a quinoa tabbouleh.

Our NEW weekend Special: The Acholado Roll

A sushi with a TWIST! Stuffed with fried shrimp, trout tartare, avocado, cream cheese, and topped with a layer of strawberries...

Conchitas a la Parmesana Rellenas de Mariscos
American Red Snapper Ceviche
Oysters a la "Chalaca"
Te Veo en el Suelo
Rice Rolls with Salmon Tartare
Ceviche "El Tunche"
Lobster stuffed Ravioli
Dr Limon
Majadito de Yuca
Chanchito al Cilindro
Weekend Special: The Acholado Roll

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