• Did you know we squeeze over 6 thousand limes a week?
    This is how we guarantee ultra-fresh flavors.


  • The complimentary leche de tigre shots we serve to every guest was an extra-service discovered by accident.


  • Did you know that sweet potato, which is the only carb the majority of our ceviches carry is the perfect carb for losing weight, while providing loads of energy?
Limes - Limones
Dr. Limon - Bar Tender
  • The window between our dining room and kitchen symbolizes transparency with our guests, which is a strong value our company carries.
  • Did you know that each ceviche has approximately 40 grams of protein, all the essential daily vitamins and carbs your body needs?


  • Our wine list is customized to pair with every single dish we offer, ensuring all wines are previously tasted and discussed to make it to the final menu..
Caballitos de Totora
Dr. Limon - Carlos Brescia
  • We have over 17 different types of ceviche which can be fish or fish with mixed seafood.


  • Did you know that the limes placed in the middle of each table are the greenest in the house and have a double function?
    •   They are used for your ceviche once they ripen.
    •   They help our management team identify when and when not a table has been greeted.


  • Chef Carlos Brescia has a special passion for dogs and has close relationship with his bull terrier “Klaus”.
  • Those bulls you may find sanding around the ceviche bar, or spread around the restaurant are called “Toritos de Pucara” which are symbols of the Andean culture, original from Puno – Peru. Each bull has a different color and hence a different meaning, but in short, they represent: protection and providence.
  • Did you know that quinoa is considered a complete protein? It contains the 9 essential amino acids your body needs, aside of the double amount of fiber other grains offer. Please ask our staff for quinoa dishes.


  • We do our best to prioritize and accommodate local breweries in our craft beer section.